Review Products & Earn Easy Money – 3 Simple Techniques

As I'm sure you know by now, there are TONS of ways to generate income online. One way that is very easy to do and simple to get started is by reviewing products. Most of us buy goods of some sort just about every day. By providing a detailed and truthful review, you can easily start generating passive income starting tomorrow. Think about it, how often do you look at the reviews when you search for a particular product online? If you're like me, you ALWAYS look at the reviews just so you can get a feel for what others think about it and to make sure you're getting your money's worth when you purchase. Oftentimes you will see reviews that are clearly made out of emotion and not quality related, but the majority of the time you will read genuine reviews.


#1) Join Product Review Sites

The easiest way to get started reviewing products is to join a consumer research company. Most of these companies perform a variety of services for their clients such as surveys, product testing, and secret shopping. The best thing about these particular companies is that they are free to join and you will not need to purchase anything to give your review. In addition, these companies will allow you to keep the products after testing which is really cool. Depending on the product and also the company, you can make between $3 and $75.


Here are just a few of the top companies that pay you good money just to give your honest opinions on their products. Simply click the company name to get started:


Product Testers USA

Product Testers USA is a testing site fully dedicated to physical products. Their program allows you to keep the actual product that you test out. All you need to do is apply for the product you'd like to test and if approved they will ship the product out to you. Product Testers USA doesn't pay out cash because you get to keep the product.

Watch the video to see what you'll be doing…..

  • Product Testers USA Sign Up Link
  • Vindale Research

    Vindale Research provides the venue, the research expertise and the technology for you to share your thoughts with companies that provide products and services you use every day. They typically pay $5 to $50 for every product you evaluate before it hits the shelves. Pays via Paypal.

    Panda Research

    Panda Research offers cash incentives to members in exchange for completing surveys and signup for trial offers. Once you land on their website, you will click on the tab that reads “Rewards”. Invitations to receive the free test products will come in your email.  They offer gift cards as well as money as rewards. Panda Research is open to the United States.

    Opinion City

    This market research company has been around for years.  Opinion City connects you with the top market research companies who then send you surveys and products to test that will help you earn money easily. You could also qualify for FREE Giveaways and valuable prizes such as gift cards or cool merchandise.

    Survey Voices

    Survey Voices bridges the gap between your opinions and the companies who need them. Your membership gives you instant access to your paid surveys, clinical trial opportunities, products to test, and part-time work offers to make money easily. Their staff prides itself on providing you with the most exclusive offers and highest paid market research opportunities in real time.


    With hundreds of surveys added daily, Swagbucks has given away over $175 million in rewards to people just like you who want to share their opinion, discover new products and watch videos online. The site has a variety of ways you can make money, by taking surveys, testing products, participating in focus groups, playing games, watching videos, and more. Open to Australia, Canada, Ireland, and the United States.


    #2) Become an Affiliate

    So how can you make money from this? First off when you purchase an item that you really desire, DON'T OPEN IT. Grab your phone real quick and make a video of yourself opening it. This is called an unboxing and many affiliates do this on a regular basis. Any product that is hot will have high search volume on Youtube, Google, and Pinterest. If you have a video of the unboxing and give an honest review, people who are in the buyers mindset will purchase through your link. All you need to do is become an affiliate of the product either through the actual company the product is made by or from a site like Amazon. Grab your affiliate link for the product and insert it into your description. This is a super simple way to start generating passive income immediately.

    Check out the video to get tips for Pinterest Marketing


    #3) Product Launches

    Product launches are a little bit more in depth but the payout for your hard work is very good. To do this you would need to join affiliate sites that are in the digital marketing niche. Companies like JVZoo and Muncheye will show you what products are launching soon and you can pick whatever product that interests you. With this method all you need to do is pick a product and request to promote it.

    Once your request is approved you will have access to the vendor's JV(Joint Venture) Page which will give you access to tools such as banners, emails, and often ads that can be used on social media. All you need to do is create a short video or blog post on what the product offers, the pros and cons of the product, and give your honest assessment. By creating your review before the product launch you are ensuring that your video or blog post will rank very high when people start to search for that particular product.

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    All three of these methods are highly effective at generating passive income. Put in the work and you will definitely see results. – Ken Jones

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