The 3 Must Have Tools To Build Your List In 30 Days

So today I was looking at an article on list building. And I found out some very valuable information that I wanted to share with you guys today. If you’re just starting out with your business then this will be extremely helpful. Not only will it be helpful but it will help you build the foundation for your business. Here are the 3 tools you must have to start your building your list.


#1 – Get An Autoresponder & KEEP IT!


You see when it comes to an autoresponder the biggest issue most people have is having to pay the bill every single month. This is especially true if it you’re struggling and don’t have the cash coming in quickly enough to keep up with the recurring payments for all of your tools. But one thing is undeniable is that your autoresponder is an essential tool that you absolutely must have to build your business. It is part of your foundation and something that you cannot go without. You can use Aweber, Get Response, I-Contact, or one of many others.ย  I personally recommend that you use Get Response, they have a 30 -day free trial and it’s only $15 per month.


#2 – Landing or Capture Page Builders


Once you make a decision on which autoresponder that you’re going to use, the next step is to get some kind of landing page or capture page software. There are many sources out there for you to choose from. For example you have Lead Pages, Click funnels, Instabuilder, Instapage, and many other tools that will help you build pages in a very short period of time. The landing page software that I use is Instabuilder 2.0. Why? Because Instabuilder does not have a recurring monthly fee. You pay one time for the plugin and that’s it you own it.ย  So if you’re just starting out or you are a marketer who is trying to keep your expenses low, you’ll love what you get with Instabuilder. Click funnels, Lead Pages, and Instapage are also great to use but each has a monthly payment between $39 and $99 per month. If your business is not in the black yet, keep your expenses low.

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